Facebook Email / Data Grabber v4.1

Verified Working 04/16/14
Small batches can only be run currently at a time 20-30ish.


New Update!
Now we have a built in OCR reader. What is an OCR reader? some of you are asking, well... Facebook has gone through alot of upgrades lately, and one of them being, if your account is marked or flaged as spam, you can get all your emails of your friends with the normal bot, after 30 or so they will turn into images. So, with the new v2.0 version you have both ways of getting emails, the classic way, and the new OCR way! But wait thats not it, we also now provide you with other information on the profile that you grabbed the email from. We also give you, age, birthday, location, and other information from there profile! But wait thats not it also, we also give you the ability to email all those contacts that were pulled!

OCR Reader gets Friend ID/URL Full Name, Email, OPTIONAL ITEMS Depending on Facebook Build( Sex, Birthday, Phone Number, Hometown, Relationship, Interested In, Looking For, Religtion, Email Address, Bio, College, High School, Company, and Position.) MORE TO COME!!

Have you ever wanted to get all the email address of your friends on facebook, and send them an email, or notice? Well, some of you have, and doing this one by one, can take hours, if not days if you have alot of friends. Our Facebook auto email grabber will get all your freinds, and loop through to get there email address, after its done you can simply save it to your desktop.

Do you want to gather emails for marketing your new product, or your next huge event? Sometime Facebook's built in notification go unheard or unseen. Now once you auto grab all your friends emails, you can send them multiple update and reminders. Keep everyone informed on 1 email about your next event, or get together. This is all Automatic, you set it and let it does it thing. It will auto grab all email accounts from your facebook friends, how can you beat that...

Facebook Auto Email Grabber Features:
Lifetime Updates

Auto User Login (You can save multiple Facebook accounts)
Grabbs Emails And Pause (Wait Inbetween pages like a real person)
Auto Friend ID Discovery
Secure Web Page Transactions
Image Reader! OCR Version
OCR Reader gets Friend ID/URL Full Name, Email, OPTIONAL ITEMS Depending on Facebook Build( Sex, Birthday, Phone Number, Hometown, Relationship, Interested In, Looking For, Religtion, Email Address, Bio, College, High School, Company, and Position.)
CSV import of your own friends list
OCR version has the ability to send emails to all your contacts!
Download your facebook friends info to CSV

At Rankbook.com, there is a new software revolution that is a comprehensive automation of all the group compilation needs that save time and money for social networking and online transactions. The FaceBoook email Grabber is a software product designed to utilize the rich potential of this tool of social networking. It obtains all the email accounts of facebook friends and saves them automatically. This eradicates the long process of acquiring one user ID at a time and minimizes wrong entries of addresses.

FaceBook Email Grabber is updated regularly to meet the needs of the changing field of information technology. Thus, the user does not require to regularly updating their programs to be compatible with their systems. The software, which is easy to use, is supportable by a number of sites like Twitter and MySpace which is a double bonus for followers who revel in those sites. Furthermore it lists them on its tool bar for access within a click of a button.

Some of the salient features of FaceBook Email Grabber are that it expands the login scope of the user. This enables them to hold several accounts that they can log in to separately, which offers privacy to certain clients and can serve as the foundation for meeting the diverse needs of various friends. It also automatically selects an email at a time and gives a grace period just like a person would, to sample the individual's details and messages. It also facilitates automatic mining of a friend's email ID.

The crowning glory of this software is that it enables safe transactions between networking sites and between friends sharing a page. The FaceBook Email Grabber is the efficient tool to extract multiple addresses and make email lists from them for sending orders to customers. In this way one can send hundreds and even thousands of dispatches in one consignment within one message.


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